Man Plays Banjo In The Wilderness, Fox Stops By To Enjoy The Show

A man plays the banjo while a fox sits and watches.

When banjo player Andy Thorn took his instrument outside on a beautiful day, he wasn’t expecting an audience — especially not a fox! In the most adorable video ever, the musician is recording himself practicing when a wild animal wanders into frame. Even more unexpectedly, the fox actually sits down and listens to the music for a while! It’s amazing to see how still the creature remails as Andy plays.

Of course, foxes have busy lives and don’t have time to listen to banjo music all day. Eventually, the animal in the video got up and walked away. However, they seemed almost reluctant to leave Andy Thorn’s outdoor performance, repeatedly looking back at the man as they took off.

This video went viral online, prompting the musician to release the tune he played for his four-legged audience. In a later post, Andy Thorn explained that this song was “made up on the spot for the fox.” Artist Morgan Mandala created the most beautiful cover artwork for his wildlife-inspired album.

A man plays the banjo while a fox sits and watches.
Screengrab from Instagram

“I couldn’t believe it, last year, when people all over the world started asking me about this tune,” wrote Andy Thorn in his caption. “(Of course, Foxy was the real star of that viral video, but some people were curious about the banjo music, too.)”

Watching Andy Thorn’s banjo concert for a curious fox reminds us that music has a very powerful ability to connect us to other living creatures! Of course, this is hardly the first time we’ve seen an animal enjoying an outdoor concert

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