The “Golden Retriever Boyfriend” Trend Is The Most Hilariously Wholesome Thing On The Internet.

A man smiles wide as he rushes over to the person recording him. Text on the image reads: When you lose your golden retriever fiancé and he finally spots you

If you’ve ever spent time around a golden retriever, then you know exactly why this breed of canine is so loved. They’re friendly, clever, and have an overall happy disposition. Humans can also have these traits, of course, prompting the trend of the golden retriever boyfriend. This fun concept began when folks started to notice that their happy-go-lucky, affectionate boyfriends share quite a few traits with these beloved dogs.


In turn, people are showcasing why they believe they have their own golden retriever boyfriend. These humorous videos are just as wholesome as the guys they’re about.

Wholesome Golden Retriever Boyfriend Trend Takes Over Social Media

@samanthaswanson1 HIS FACE WHEN HE FINALLY SEES ME 🥹😭🥰 #couples #couplestiktok #coupleshumor ♬ original sound – Sami Brooks

Take, for example, Sami Brooks’ boyfriend in the video above. As the two of them are grocery shopping, they get separated. Once Sami spots him, she realizes he has yet to find her. She then takes this opportunity to capture the sweet way he goes from worriedly looking for her to excitedly finding her again.

“HIS FACE WHEN HE SEES ME!” Sami points out.

@merhanson Lost and found. 🐕⛷️ #goldenretrieverboyfriend #breckenridge #breckenridgecolorado ♬ Full House – The Hollywood Prime Time Orchestra

The next video is from Meredith Hanson. Like Sami and her guy, these two also found themselves in a situation where they lost track of one another. In this case, Meredith’s golden retriever fiancé was met with the love of his life and a beer.

“Lost and found,” Meredith captions her video.



♬ My Love Mine All Mine – Mitski

Finally, we have the sweet moment that Talita Cristi reunites with her golden retriever boyfriend at the airport. This sweet guy looks so focused as he searches everywhere for Talita. Then, when he spots her, his face lights up in the most adorable way!

As you can see, these lovable golden retriever boyfriends certainly live up to their names. What a nice, wholesome trend! Do you have a golden retriever boyfriend in your life?

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