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Wholesome: “My Girlfriend Before Vs After Seeing Me” At The Airport

A woman walking through an airport looking annoyed and tired.

In a truly wholesome video, one woman caught a glimpse of her girlfriend’s expression when she’s not around. She definitely didn’t look happy! While meeting her partner at the airport, the woman saw a whole other side of her. Not only did she look tired and cranky, but there was also a little bit of “don’t mess with me” in her attitude. At this point, the girlfriend had no idea that the other woman was filming her.

When the two partners finally got their wholesome reunion in the airport, the difference in the girlfriend’s demeanor was like night and day. Her smile was so wide, it brightened up her entire face. She even did a cute little happy dance! The woman shared a sweet video of her girlfriend’s reaction on social media.

To emphasize the change in her partner’s attitude, the creator added some mood music over her footage. While her girlfriend was walking around the airport with a stormy look on her face, she played Wake Me Up by Evanescence, a classic anthem of angst. Then, when the traveler started grinning, she played Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield, a much more upbeat pop song.

Commenters thought that this girlfriend’s dramatic reaction to seeing her partner after a grueling flight was way too wholesome.

A woman walking through an airport looking annoyed and tired.
Screengrab from TikTok

“You can see the moment she goes from having to protect herself, to knowing she’s safe and protected with you,” wrote one user. “Truly a beautiful thing!”

“Of all the ones I’ve seen, this is the most genuine,” said another. “‘Ugh, I’m sick of this airpo- BAAAAABE.'”

Honestly, if you can find someone who lights up like this as soon as they see you, then you’ve probably got something pretty special! This woman and her girlfriend seem to have a super wholesome relationship.

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