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Emotional Reunion: Mom Sees Son For The First Time In 40 Yrs After Forced Separation.

A mother and son hug each other as they reunite after 40 years.

A mom and son have waited 40 years for this moment, but they’ve finally been reunited! After Jane Kim’s divorce, her ex-husband’s family forbade her from contacting her eldest child, Brian. Recently, Brian’s father passed away, which meant that mother and son were allowed to see one another again. Jane quickly traveled from Portland, Oregon to Los Angeles to see her boy after all these years.

Obviously, Jane had to get a video of the heartwarming moment. Her other son, Edward, filmed the journey, culminating in the incredible reunion of Brian and his mom. When these two finally saw each other, they immediately fell into a warm embrace. Jane wept as she got to hold her son in her arms, and the pair left the airport hand in hand.

“They were separated by the father’s family after their divorce,” Edward told USA Today. “My mom was told to stop trying to contact Brian.”

A lot of people in the comments were confused as to why the eldest son couldn’t have reunited with his mom once he came of age. A video on Jane’s TikTok account, The Korean Mama, explained the situation in further detail. It turns out that Brian’s family wouldn’t give him any information about his birth mother, no matter how much he asked. When his father died, one of his relatives contacted Jane so that she could see her son again.

A mother and son hug each other as they reunite after 40 years.
Screengrab from Facebook

It must have been devastating for both mom and son not to be able to see one another until this reunion 40 years later, but at least they’re together now. We’re sure they have lots of catching up to do!

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