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While Rescuer Is Busy Helping An Injured Fox, Another Comes Along And Steals His Phone!

A fox slowly approaches the phone that's recording him. Text on the image reads: When you go to rescue a fox but they have other ideas

Foxes are known for being mischievous, but even Animal Rescue Officer Ben Fitzcosta is shocked over what happened to him this week. He’s an officer for the RSPACA, the largest animal welfare charity in the UK. Someone reported spotting a fox with an injured leg in a wooded area, and Ben was tasked with helping the poor creature. He planned to capture the rescue on camera, but when another fox steals his phone, his plans change.

When Ben first arrives to the location, he spots a fox. At that time, he thinks it’s the injured one he’s looking for so he sets up his phone and prepares to catch them with food and a grasper. But this curious fox is more interested in his phone!

Fox Steals Phone During Attempted Rescue Mission

One second, the fox sniffs Ben’s phone and, in the next, he darts off with it in his mouth! Luckily, the phone continues to record as this quick creature runs away like a dog playing a game. Eventually, though, he tires of the game and abandons the phone in some bushes.

“I’m glad I got my phone back,” Ben later shares. “I had to jog to catch up with him as I knew he’d dump it in a bush somewhere.”

View of a fox that has stolen a phone. The phone is on the ground so the view is from below the fox who is looking away in the distance. We also see the bushes above and around the fox. Sunlight shines through the cracks in the brushery.

Soon after, Ben locates the fox who actually needs his help. Now, she’s being treated at Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue. So, in the end, Ben considers this to be a successful day!

“It did make my day to be honest,” Ben admits. “The video is very funny.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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