Woman Moves Back In With Her Elderly Father, Who Fully Embraces His New Role As “Cat Grandpa.”

A loving cat grandpa tells his kitty goodnight.

When this woman moved back in with her dad, she had no idea he’d be such a doting cat grandpa! A TikToker shared the most adorable video of her elderly father interacting with her two cats, whom he has adopted as his own. In the footage, the man takes his time saying goodnight to each feline individually before going to bed. He also has a cat of his own, which explains why he’s so great with these animals.

It’s too adorable hearing the elderly man call the kitties things like “precious rascal” and telling them to “sleep tight.” He certainly sounds like the perfect grandpa as he wishes his cats a good night!

“He’s been so sweet with them,” wrote the TikToker of her father. “He’s always been a genuinely kind man.”

According to her video, the reason this woman moved back in with her dad was so that he wouldn’t have to live alone. Now, this elderly man gets to hang out with his daughter and be the world’s best grandpa to her cats!

A loving cat grandpa tells his kitty goodnight.
Screengrab from TikTok

“Heart melting…” a commenter said. “He’s precious. And you will never regret this time with him.”

Another added, wistfully, “I wanna be tucked in and called a precious rascal.”

There’s something so beautiful about the bond between dads and their kids’ pets. This cat grandpa shares such a sweet connection with the new kitties in his home!

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