“When Your 4-Year-Old Wants A Vacuum Themed Birthday Party”

Left image shows a boy who loves "vacunes." Right image shows a toy vacuum cleaner he received as a birthday gift.

Planning a birthday party for a 4-year-old can be a chore as a parent. They won’t tell you what they want because kids don’t always understand a party yet. Until then, they’ve mostly been exposed to grown-up relatives coming for cake and ice cream. But at four, many are in pre-school and have their first friends to invite. When Brianna Tosetti’s son Jake turned four, selecting a theme wasn’t an issue. Jake wanted a vacuum-themed birthday party.

The execution was flawless. Sugar cookies from local “hobby” baker Sweet Suls were decorated as little Roomba vacuum cleaners. There were festive number four cookies and more with cute line drawings of vacuum cleaners.

Image shows different styles of vacuum-themed birthday cookies.
Image from Instagram.

The simple cake was decorated with a Roomba-style Eufy vacuum cleaner.

Image shows a vacuum-themed birthday cake with a Roomba-style Eufy vacuum.
Image from Instagram.

Jake knew what he wanted, and his parents delivered. The wall had Roomba docking instructions as decorations, and several vacuum-themed gifts. When Jake opened a large gift bag, he tossed two boxes of mini muffins aside to get the big prize out of the bottom.

Image shows a toy vacuum cleaner.
Image from Instagram.

Jake ran around the room, testing his new cleaning toys. He loved every minute of his vacuum-themed birthday party. When it came time for the candles on the cake, an adult helped Jake use a vacuum cleaner to suck the flames from the candles. Jake then used a dustbuster around the room to help tame the party mess. Jake had a blast and he cleaned up in the gift department!

The Vacuum Party Was A Sweeping Success!

No matter what your children want with a themed birthday party, it doesn’t take much to make them happy. Some inexpensive wall decorations, vacuum-themed gifts, cake, and cookies made this a great birthday party. Give your children the gift of listening to them.

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