Wanted: Fugitive Roomba Makes Clean Escape After “Breaking” Out Of Family’s Home.

A Roomba vacuum cleaner escaping down the sidewalk.

A viral video revealed that a family saw their escaped Roomba on footage from their Ring doorbell. The original poster stated that he hadn’t been able to locate his Roomba for two days before checking the Ring footage. As you know from watching police dramas on TV, the first 24 to 48 hours are the most vital. We can only assume that remains the case with a missing Roomba.

The supplied footage shows the wayward Roomba escaping down the sidewalk. It doesn’t appear to have any supplies, making the time crunch even more vital. It will find plenty of debris along the roadway to satisfy its need to suck up the world around it, but there is no way for it to replenish its battery life.

Roomba escape
Image from TikTok.

With no battery power, the Roomba will be unable to motor around. It faces an agonizing time with so much debris to suck up and no energy to accomplish the task. Roombas don’t have opposable thumbs. Even if it could locate a docking station to acquire power, it couldn’t open any doors to get to it.

These poor little suckers cannot exist in the elements of nature. They should remain indoors. While we are unsure how this one escaped, we aren’t holding our breath on it being functional if it is located. The wayward wanderer may be under the bushes, going around and around tangled in roots and low-hanging branches.

If you see this escaped Roomba out and about, please use caution. The poor thing may have developed feral instincts. They can be vicious when cornered, attempting to suck up anything in their path. Don’t hesitate to contact the original poster if it is located.

NEWS FLASH: Escaped Roomba Spotted

The wayward Roomba has been captured in a late-breaking announcement on a local news channel. It is WORKING! There was some structural damage to the padding and brushes but it was otherwise unharmed from its excursion into the vast outdoors.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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