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When Nurse Is Forced To Miss Graduation For Work, Coworkers Surprise Her With Heartfelt Gesture

A nurse laughs in surprise at her workplace.

This nurse had to miss her own graduation because of a staff shortage, but she still ended up getting a ceremony she’d never forget! If anyone deserved to celebrate their academic success, it was student Danielle Fox. Not only had she received her master’s degree, but she was also valedictorian! So, the young woman’s colleagues decided to surprise her in the sweetest way.

Danielle shared the most adorable footage of the creative “graduation” ceremony her coworkers put together to make up for the one that the nurse had to miss. First, they lured the graduate over to the surprise under the guise of an emergency. Next, her fellow staff members immediately draped her in makeshift robes. They even made her a cap with a tassel!


When you’re supposed to be graduating valedictorian with your Masters Degree, but Labor and Delivery needed a charge nurse 🎓 #prettygirlswalklikethis #laboranddelivery

♬ Unstoppable (I put my armor on, show you how strong I am) – Sia

“When you’re supposed to be graduating valedictorian with your master’s degree, but labor and delivery needed a charge nurse,” the young woman wrote in her caption.

A nurse laughs in surprise at her workplace.
Screengrab from TikTok

Finally, Danielle got to walk down the hallway in her special outfit while everyone cheered. This graduation ceremony may not have had all the fancy trappings of the one she had to miss, but the nurse was still overjoyed by the incredible gesture. She clearly has the best work friends ever!

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