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81-Yr-Old Gets Out Of Her Comfort Zone To Watch The Eclipse With Son & It Sparks New Passion

Left image shows a women inside a tent. Right image shows a mother and son wearing eclipse glasses and ready to view a solar eclipse.

Most people have a comfort zone where they are in their element and totally at ease. When we stray out of that zone, our anxiety increases, and some people feel almost paralyzed with fear. In October 2023, a man named Reuben and his dog Squiggy decided to view a solar eclipse near Zion National Park in Utah. Even though tent camping was out of her comfort zone, Reuben’s mom decided to join them.


Last October, my 81yo mom came camping with me to see the eclipse right outside Zion. Being outdoors is outside her comfort zone; she grew up on a small farm in Mexico, and left to come to the US when she was 18. From what I remember, she’s only been camping once before, over 40 years ago, when I was a kid, and she didn’t enjoy it, but she came with squiggy and me, cause she wanted to spend time with me in the environment that makes me happy. She had fun, and wants to do more trips in 2024…. But sleep in a van instead of a tent😂 #mexicana #mama #latinosoutdoors #latinooutdoors #chicano #chicanohiker #mexicanamerican #mexicanamericanhiker #hike #hiking #hiketok #hikingadventures #hikingtiktok #adventure #adventurevibes #hiker #hikersoftiktok #trekking #hikingwithdogs #campinglife #camping #camptiktok #campingtrip #campingwithdogs #veteran @REI

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Reuben spends a lot of time outside and posts about his adventures on TikTok. He gives a little background about his mom. She left her family farm in Mexico to move to the US at 18. He only remembers her camping once before, admitting it was about 40 years ago. He claims she didn’t enjoy it, but he was only a kid. Tent camping would be something “new” for the 81-year-old.

Left image shows an 81-year-old camper sitting at a campfire. Right image shows the same lady sitting in her tent.
Image from TikTok.

After setting up camp and settling, the trio enjoyed a campfire before bedding down. After the first night, Reuben said his mom slept OK. During the day, she had fun “doing her things.” Although his mom was nervous, she did her best to enjoy the trip. She said her morning prayers under a majestic tree and fed the local wasps. Reuben even caught her doing a little singing and dancing.

Image shows a happy camper.
Image from TikTok.

When it came time to watch the solar eclipse, the mother and son donned proper glasses and settled in for the show.

Happy campers wearing eclipse glasses ready to view a solar eclipse.
Image from TikTok.

When the camping trip ended, Reuben’s mom admitted she had a pretty good time. She isn’t quite ready to go tent camping again. She did say she would be up for more adventures, but only if she could sleep in a van.

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