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When Bird Watching Goes Wrong: Woman Shares Hilarious Clip Of Husband’s Snafu With Nesting Robin

Left image shows a hanging flower basket. Right image shows the same basket with a Robin's nest and an upset bird that doesn't like the bird watching guy peeping in on her.

Many people enjoy bird watching. Although most don’t go out with binoculars and an Audobon Guide, they enjoy watching birds frolic in their yards. One couple was lucky enough to have a robin build a nest in a hanging flower basket on their porch. The nest was built, eggs were laid, and the mama bird was in the nest. When the woman’s husband decided he wanted a better look, the little bird went into full mama-bear mode.

The man climbed slowly and purposefully to gain a better vantage point. The mama bird was on high alert when he reached the nest’s level. She stretched out to her full size and turned to face the intruder.

Left image shows a hanging flower basket on a porch. Right image shows a nesting female ronin in the basket stretched to her full height against the prying eyes of a bird watcher.
Image from TikTok.

What happened next was a move quicker and fiercer than any jump scare ever produced. The camera went flying, so the next view is slightly off-kilter. The man fell from his higher vantage point and landed with the camera view pointed at the porch’s ceiling. We’re not sure exactly what happened, but this mighty little bird epically bested her opponent! We see the camera view shift as he falls, turning sideways before he lands unceremoniously.

Left image shows the view as a man was frightened by a nesting bird, causing him to fall. Right image shows the view of a porch ceiling after the man landed.
Image from TikTok.

The wife’s comment indicates that the man spilled an entire cup of coffee as he fell. He survived the fall and makes a brief, smiling appearance at the end of the video as he retrieves his phone.

While we understand that this man was just curious, we should add a plea to other bird-watching fans who might attempt to do something similar. Many people don’t realize that disturbing a nest is against federal law under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA). Please use caution around nesting birds near your home. Please share.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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