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15 Dogs Who Have No Shame When It Comes To Begging For A Bite

If you’ve ever tried to eat a meal around a dog, you know they can be very persuasive when it comes to sharing your food.

Actor Mandy Patinkin recently shared a picture of himself attempting to eat a bowl of soup while his golden retriever named Beauty gives him some serious side-eye. The image was a huge hit on Twitter, and his fans couldn’t wait to share photos of their own hilarious chowhounds.

1. “I love her, but the soup is mine,” Patinkin wrote.

2. “It is a scientific fact that dogs can shift their faces to be at minimum 30 percent cuter when they want your food,” one fan agreed. “Proof: 1. My dog. 2. My dog when I have bacon.”

3. “I can totally relate,” another added. “She’s partially blind but if a bag rattles three rooms away she makes a beeline toward the sound.”

4. “Murray is also a big fan of soup!”

5. “Or cheese?”

6. “I have this debate a lot, too. I don’t always win. That used to be my apple.”

7. “She wants my soup also.”

8. “I can relate.”

9. “They are relentless…”

10. “Could you teach me how to say no to this face?”

11. “Mine is the same way… gives me ‘the look’ whenever I’m trying to eat.”

12. “Wees bees good… hows bouts some treats?”

13. “This is every meal and snack at our house.”

14. “The fine art of begging is greatly enhanced by drooling.”

15. “They really love you when it’s time to eat, I have one of those, too!”

To be honest, we’d have to give them just a little taste! How could we resist all the cuteness? We’re total suckers for those puppy dog eyes.

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