What Happens When 3 Baby Armadillos Meet A Kitten? Pure Cuteness!

Left frame shows a kitten being interrogated by two armadillos and a border collie.

Cuteness, indeed! When faced with an open area in the kitchen and a new kitten, these armadillos are all about introducing themselves to the newbie. But wait, who has armadillos in their kitchen? The video was posted by DrPossumlady, and it appears that she does rescue armadillos. The name is fitting since armadillos are like armored ‘possums. Armadillos are unique because they are the only mammals with a hard shell! They are also incredibly adorable.

In our featured video clip, two armadillos seem curious about the kitten while the other looks for floor snacks in the background. Meanwhile, another curious onlooker is busy adding their two-sniffs. The video opens with a tiny kitten on the floor with one armadillo. The ‘dillo is poking and prodding the kitten with its snout. We’re unsure if it’s wondering why this thing is so fluffy or if it’s looking for bugs to snack on. Armadillos rely on their sense of smell to compensate for their poor eyesight.

A kitten with an armadillo.
Image from YouTube.

It doesn’t take long for a few extra noses to enter the scene. The third armadillo is still searching for snacks along the edge of the cabinets. The armadillos are assessing this intruder. Or perhaps they’re just trying to figure out where he lost his armor.

A kitten with two armadillos and a border collie. Let the sniffing begin!
Image from YouTube.

The kitten sees an opening and attempts to escape.

Attempted escape as the kitten tries to get away from two armadillos (they're playing).
Image from YouTube.

But then they have second thoughts and decide on a full frontal “attack.”

Full frontal "attack."
Image from YouTube.

That wasn’t a bad idea, but the execution was flawed. The tiny tuft of fluff soon found itself pinned by the armored warrior.

Oh no! Pinned!
Image from YouTube.

The poor kitten was outmanned, outnumbered, and outplanned by the armadillos (yep, totally swiped that from Hamilton). It was pretty much over when they brought in the border collie sniffer.

Watching these little critters wrestle would distract me from any tasks on my to-do list. I don’t know how DrPossumlady lives with these three armored snack machines. They are just too adorable. We’re pretty sure they all end up being friends in the end. Speaking of friends, you can share this with yours.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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