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Watch: These Two Tiny Equestrians Will Trot Straight Into Your Heart

A little girl riding a tiny pony.

This video of a little kid and her adorable pony clearing high jumps together is definitely the cutest thing you’ll see today! 7-year-old equestrian Ivy Thomas shared the sweetest clip on social media of her practice session with a Shetland pony. It’s so cute to see the small girl riding a horse that’s the perfect size for her! This footage has been going viral online.

Ivy is certainly a talented horsewoman, especially for her age. Commenters were floored by how gracefully this kid and her tiny pony leaped over every obstacle in their path!


Just a little girl & little Shetland living there little life #shetlandpony #horse #pony #equestrian #horseriding

♬ Little Life – Cordelia

“So impressive,” wrote one user. “The height of the jump in relation to his body!?!?”

Another added, “That tiny little mini can FLY! That was honestly super impressive for those little legs.

Although this kid is pretty young, she can hold her own on horses much larger than her Shetland pony. In fact, there are plenty of other videos on social media that show Ivy jumping full-sized stallions with ease! Obviously, she needs taller fences to jump when riding a bigger animal. You wouldn’t believe the heights to which this little girl can soar!


It was just one of those days. When your 7 & have a unicorn #horse #equestrian #horsesoftiktok #stallion #pony

♬ original sound – Elizabeth Coe

Once Ivy is in the saddle, she’s second to none. However, another video shows that it’s not always easy getting up there, especially when mounting a bigger horse! It takes a stepstool, an overturned garbage can, and a whole lot of effort for this kid to climb onto a large stallion’s back. Thankfully, though, the horse doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, this gorgeous animal stands perfectly still for the little girl!

Ivy clearly has a unique connection with horses, which is probably part of why she’s such an amazing rider for her age. We can’t wait to see where this 7-year-old’s jumping career takes her!

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