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Keeper Captures Tiger Stalking Him Ever So Slowly As His Back Is Turned

A tiger approaching the camera stealthily.

Who knew that a tiger stalking his prey could be so beautiful? A keeper at Cedar Cove Tiger Park managed to film one of these animals sneaking up on him while his back was turned. It’s a good thing that there was a fence in between them, because this big cat seemed like a pretty skilled hunter! Steve Klein’s footage of Mohan the tiger’s stealthy approach is completely mesmerizing.

Of course, in order to get a video of the tiger stalking him, Steve had to have his back turned. So, he filmed the encounter over his shoulder. It worked like a charm! As soon as the keeper looked the other way, Mohan slowly prepared to strike. His patient, graceful movements are amazing to watch!

“Striking in his focus, Mohan gives an excellent example of stealthy approach as his prey’s awareness is turned towards and away from him,” writes Cedar Cove Tiger Park in their caption. “Using the cover of ambient noise and adjusting his path to remain outside his prey’s field of view, were it not for the chain link and a backwards facing camera this would have been a clean kill.”

This tiger’s stealth will send chills down your spine.

As the tiger stalked his keeper, he kept his eyes on the target with laser focus. Although his steps were slow, each one seemed incredibly calculated. Commenters were fascinated by Mohan’s prowess. Many even pointed out particular moments where they could see the animal using his environment to maximize his sneakiness!

A tiger approaching the camera stealthily.
Screengrab from YouTube

“0:47 Anyone else notice here that the tiger made its biggest gain of distance when there was a loud noise to mask its footsteps?” wrote one user. “It’s both brilliant and terrifying.”

Another added, “Notice how he feels for sticks or anything that might make noise before he actually puts his paws down, and back feet step in his front paws tracks for the same reason, smart animals.”

What an incredible privilege to witness this shrewd tiger stalking his prey from the safety of our own homes!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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