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Watch Out, Surfers! This Pug Is Making Waves With His Kneeboarding Antics.

Levi, a 3-year-old pug, has become the latest internet sensation thanks to his love for kneeboarding. At Ethel Lake in Canada, this adventurous canine takes to the water with an enthusiasm that’s won over the hearts of TikTok users. What’s more, this pug’s kneeboarding skills are certainly nothing to bark at!

Pug sitting in a board at a lake, ready for kneeboarding.

The footage, shared by his human Brock Tetz, has gone viral, racking up an impressive 8.1 million views as of July 31.

“He has always been on the tube and raft in the water,” Brock said. “We were kneeboarding this day, and he was wanting to go on.”

Pugs are known for their unique charm, but Levi is taking it to the next level. In a now-viral video, he jumps on the kneeboard on command, eagerly awaiting his turn to ride the waves. “Good boy,” his proud owner cheers, as Levi sails across Ethel Lake, effortlessly embracing his kneeboarding adventure. It’s no wonder that this delightful display of doggy determination has been a splash hit online. Levi’s fearless approach to water sports is not just entertaining; it’s downright inspiring! And if Levi the pug ever finds himself in over his head, no worries — we’ll just call the canine lifeguards to lend a paw!

Watch the video below to see the sweet moment when Levi takes to kneeboarding like a pro. Don’t forget to share!

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