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Meet America’s First And Only Lifeguard Dogs, Beacon And Buoy.

Dog lifeguards keep swimmers safe on a Maine beach.

Two new employees at Scarborough Beach State Park in Maine are saving lives and teaching kids about swimming safety. Plus, they’re downright adorable! Newfoundlands Beacon and Buoy are the first canine lifeguards hired by a public beach in the United States. As second responders, their job is to accompany two-legged lifeguards into the water during emergencies.

According to NEWS CENTER Maine, both dogs were trained by the American Academy of Canine Water Rescue. Beacon began her career as a lifeguard last year, while 11-month-old Buoy is a more recent hire.

Buoy is the second dog lifeguard in the United States.

“She’s in some ways ahead of where Beacon was at the same age because she has been able to train with Beacon,” said Park Manager Greg Wilfert.

Greg told reporters that Newfoundlands are the perfect pooches to perform beach rescues. This breed has superior swimming abilities due to their large paws, as well as fluffy coats to keep them warm in cold water. Another perk of having these dogs on the lifeguard team? They get along great with all their coworkers!

Dog lifeguards keep swimmers safe on a Maine beach.
Chloe Teboe/Twitter

“It’s getting more and more fun each year,” said Ethan Schulz, one of 16 human employees working at Scarborough Beach State Park. He also said that more and more beachgoers are spending time at the lifeguard stand to meet Beacon and Buoy. In the process, they end up learning a little bit more about water safety.

“Everyone will come up, and it just starts a conversation,” Schulz said. “At some point, it gets to the point where people will ask questions like, ‘Hey, what are the places we should look out for?’”

Newfoundland dogs Beacon and Buoy undergo lifeguard training.
Greg Wilfert/Facebook

Fellow lifeguard Carter Chen told WGME that children are especially interested in petting the four-legged members of the rescue team.

“We didn’t have little kids come up to the stand before, so I think it’s really helped public safety, as well,” he said.

Watch the video below to see canine lifeguards Beacon and Buoy in action. Don’t forget to share with a dog lover!

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