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Adorable Llama Costume Contest Has Surprisingly Wholesome Benefits For Everyone Involved.

a girl in a costume next to an alpaca/llama in a costume

The state fair is an event filled with corn dogs, funnel cakes, and fun times – but the Indiana State Fair takes things one unique step forward. 

One particular event at the Indiana State Fair has been capturing the attention of both attendees and the internet alike – the Llama and Alpaca Costume Contest. 


Ever seen a llama costume contest? Now you have! Sure, they’re fun, but the 4H competition also teaches valuable life skills like persistence, critical thinking, and of course animal handling. For the llamas, the competitions help them adapt to being touched, loud noises and strange places. This prepares many of them for service as therapy animals. It’s just one of many competitions that the Indiana 4H hosts at the Indiana State Fair. Story coming soon to Across Indiana! #Llama #Alpaca #Animals #Cosplay #Fashion #Costume #IndianaStateFair #AcrossIndiana #OnWFYI

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Sure, livestock shows are quite common sights while visiting fairs, but this show provides a unique twist on the traditional format. It allows 4-H members to showcase their creative side as they dress up their adorable llamas and alpacas in wondrous costumes. 

Unsurprisingly, the unique nature of this contest and the joy it generates has taken the internet by storm.

llama costume contest

The costumes on display at the contest are nothing short of spectacular. From a box of crayons to a tiny and adorable Mario and Luigi duo, the creativity knows no bounds. Each costume is carefully crafted to complement both the animal and its handler, resulting in visually stunning and coordinated ensembles. 

The attention to detail and the blatant enjoyment radiating from the participants and the audience make this contest an absolute delight to witness.

But this contest is even more wholesome than it appears on the surface. 

You might notice that some costumes contain an almost absurd amount of distracting objects attached to the llama (or alpaca). 

llama wearing costume

Upon first assumption, you might think these costumes are an annoyance to the animal – but that’s actually the point! 

The contest serves as an important step in the animals’ training process by getting them accustomed to strange noises, distractions, and unusual situations. It’s a process known as desensitization, and it serves a special purpose.

According to WFYI Public Media, many of the llamas in the contest go on to become therapy animals!

To up the wholesome ante one more notch, this isn’t even the first year the fair has conducted the llama and alpaca costume contest. The contest has been helping young 4-H members train their animals for years! 

You can catch 2022’s contest here:

So, if you find yourself in Indianapolis during the Indiana State Fair, don’t miss out on the chance to witness the excitement and creativity of the Llama and Alpaca Costume Contest. 

It’s a truly unique experience that will leave you with a smile on your face and memories to cherish for a lifetime. Join in the celebration of all things fun, and support the local 4-H in this wonderful contest!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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