This Singing French Bulldog Gives Opera Singers A Run For Their Money.

walter frenchie

Here’s a sentence we’ve never thought about uttering before today: This dog is an amazing opera singer.

That’s right, a dog whose voice is so melodious, he might as well be standing in the spotlight on a stage somewhere, belting out an aria from “La bohème.” His name is Walter Geoffrey the Frenchie, and on the internet, he’s kind of a big deal.


Walter has an Instagram that’s followed by over 62,000 people! He’s often found sitting adorably, staring at the camera as if wondering why in the world his photo is being taken… again. His mom is Austin, Texas, local Amber Martin but more often than not, Amber chooses to stay out of the picture, giving all of the attention to the real star, Walter.


While Walter’s main talent seems to be his cuteness, he’s apparently been hiding a secret singing ability that is now turning heads all over. Just a few days ago, Amber uploaded a quick video of Walter sitting in a car, using his very unique voice to serenade passersby.


The earnest look on his little face really sells the performance even more! It’s hard to believe that a dog is capable of making this kind of sound because it’s eerily — and hilariously — human!


He’s really giving it all he’s got, too! He throws his entire body into hitting those notes.

Apparently, French bulldogs are known for their funny vocalizations. They seldom bark, but they do like to talk using “a complex system of yawns, yips, and gargles.”

Walter Geoffrey Frenchie

Still… we doubt there’s another Frenchie on the planet who can sing opera quite like Walter! This sweet dog has the perfect combination of looks and talent. Is there any question why he’s so famous? We think not.

Watch Walter Geoffrey’s hilarious impromptu car concert below, and don’t forget to share to make someone laugh today.

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Posted by Walter Geoffrey the Frenchie on Saturday, May 26, 2018

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