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Video Demonstrates The Hilarious Chaos Of “Cooking With Beagles”

A man frantically grabs onto two beagles who are on a table. Food is on the table and both dogs are trying to get to it.

Beagle sisters Kiki and Koko are known to be quite the enthusiastic chefs. Okay, so maybe they’re less known for their cooking skills and more known for their insatiable hunger. Still, these beagles and their human dad always have a blast together in their video series “Cooking With Beagles.” To celebrate reaching 400,000 followers, Dad decides to make a carrot cake with them! If you’re imagining that making a cake with dogs will be chaotic, you are oh-so correct.

From the start, Kiki and Koko can’t help but sneak their way to get a few tastes of the delicious food on the table in front of them. You might find yourself thinking, “Wow, these dogs should be trained!” — but don’t worry, they are! The beagles’ parents purposefully don’t give their commands while filming to let them have a bit of chaotic fun!

Cooking With Beagles Goes Exactly How You’d Expect… in the Best Way!

@beagleskiko Replying to @Jennifer O'Neal ♬ LOONEY TUNES PART 2 – Cavendish

Although the name of the series implies that Kiki and Koko will be helping, a more accurate name would be Cooking Despite Beagles. Seriously, I have absolutely no idea how this guy manages to get anything done with these determined pups around!

According to several folks in the comment section, their behavior should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever had a beagle of their own.

“I swear beagles act like you’ve never fed them,” one person writes.

A man mixes food in a bowl. As he does, a beagle is trying to get to the bowl. The only thing holding the dog back is the man's arm — the same one he's using to stir.

“My dad’s beagle knew how to open the fridge,” another shares. “Nothing was safe.”

As much as these two make a mess, as soon as they’re told to behave, Kiki and Koko patiently await for orders to dig into their dad’s finished masterpiece. Based on the way they scarf down their treat in a few bites, it’s safe to say they loved it. Now, it’s probably about time that Dad takes a snack break of his own!

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