After Car Crash, Dog Darts To Nearby Doggy Daycare To “Ask” For Help

dog at daycare door

This dog was riding in the passenger seat when she and her owner were in a car crash. After the impact, this dog leaped into action — literally!

She ran out of the car window and straight to a place she knew she could get some help: the doggy daycare center.

What incredible instincts! This pup ran straight to the door of her doggy daycare, which was around a mile away.

When she made it to the door, she started pacing and jumping, trying to get the attention of a human who could help.

She knocked and knocked, and finally, the doggy daycare owner came out and realized who it was.

dog ran to doggy daycare after car crash
This image is from YouTube.

He called the pup’s mom, who was sure she had just lost her dog forever after the car crash.

This dog is a genius, and the story speaks to the incredible instincts of our four-legged friends.

Viewers of the clip were amazed by this dog’s story.

“Everyone needs a safe place to run to when there’s trouble. So glad this puppy had just such a place,” said one commenter.

We’re so glad this dog, and her owner made it out of the car crash safely.

The featured image for this post is from YouTube.

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