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After Drunk Driver Left Her In Wheelchair, Mom Loses Over 300 Lbs — And Walks Again!

Vicki Carter spent nearly two decades as a prisoner in her own body before she finally found the strength to break free. She’d proven she was a fighter, after all – she’d already survived a devastating accident in 1999, when she was hit by a drunk driver.

“I broke both my femurs. My left leg was severed off in the wreck. I had multiple complex fractures in my right leg,” Vicki recalled. “I had lost so much blood that they told me that I was not going to make it.”

vicki before after weight loss

Though the Texas mom pulled through, her injuries were so severe she left the hospital in a wheelchair. She spent the next 17 years in it, during which she fell into the depths of depression and gained more than 200 pounds. Her weight ballooned to 455 pounds by 2012. That was the year she decided to take back control.

It was at Jesse James Fit in Flower Mound where Vicki met the man who’d help change her life. She’d been taking her daughter to cheerleading practice at the gym when she ran into the owner, Jesse James Leyva, who offered to train her. With his and other trainers’ help, Vicki lost 60 pounds before undergoing gastric bypass surgery.

“I worked hard from my wheelchair daily, through massive pain, crying, blood, sweat and tears,” Vicki said. “I would do it all over 100 times because your life is worth it, my family was worth it, my kids drove me, [my] friends, family and my will to succeed.”

After making so much progress, Vicki saw another incredible milestone she never thought she’d reach. Doctors told her she’d never walk again because of the accident. But a talented plastic surgeon replaced one of her knees in January 2015…

vicki's knee reconstruction

…and was able to replace the other weeks later. Not only could Vicki walk again, but she was back in the gym shortly after, ready to work harder than she ever had before. And it paid off.

vicki back in gym

By 2016, Vicki had lost over 300 pounds with diet, exercise, and an overall lifestyle change. Gone were the days of needing a wheelchair to get around. And she didn’t just gain her life back. She found her true calling.

no more wheelchair for vicki

You see, Vicki’s journey has come full circle. These days, she works as a personal trainer at the gym, helping and pushing other people to reach their goals. “If I can do it, you can do it! I did it from a wheelchair, so there is no excuse,” she said.

Now that Vicki is inspiring so many people with her story, she deserves recognition. And she definitely got it when she was presented with the Iron Warrior Award at the NPC Texas Legend show!

vicki's weight loss journey

From almost dying to working out in a wheelchair and walking again, Vicki has come so far! She has proven that no matter your circumstances, there’s always room for personal growth. We’re all much stronger than we think!

Learn more about this amazing woman and her story in the interview below. Share to inspire others to work towards their goals!

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