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“Unkempt Gremlin Of A Dog” Sweeps The Internet With His Human-Like Stare.

gremlin dog

This hilarious “gremlin” dog is taking the world by storm with his human-like looks and weird-looking style. WeRateDogs is a page that celebrates dogs of all types, and this little dude is well deserving of such a celebration.

In the spirit of playfulness, we’d like to share some of the best good-natured jokes about this odd little gremlin dog. We assure you that we’d cuddle this little monster if given the chance, so no harsh intentions are present!

1. He looks like he can see into the future.

In fact, he can see the past and the future at the same time.

2. He doesn’t have to turn his head to look both ways before he crosses the street.

That’s some serious utility there.

3. The image description itself is an incredible joke.

image description of gremlin dog
This image is from X.

“An unkempt gremlin of a dog sits in front of a stainless steel dishwasher. The dog has wiry blond fur that sticks out from his chest and legs, pointy ears like a cat, very human eyes that appear to be pointing in opposite directions, and a dark Fu Man Chu mustache. The dog’s shape is unclear, breed undefinable, and concentration intense.”

What a genius image description.

4. “Is this some middle-aged painting where the painter never saw a dog but had 200% confidence?”

It ought to be.

5. “Has anyone checked on Steve Buscemi in a while?”

Don’t tell Steve.

6. “Met him when he leaped out from under a bridge once. I had to answer three riddles to pass.”

This little gremlin dog loves to deliver challenges.

7. “He looks like he knows the exact date of my death, but will only reveal it to me in a jaunty little song.”

This weird-looking creature knows all the secrets. Every. Single. One.

8. “He looks like my accountant.”

Tax season is coming and this gremlin dog is bracing for the worst.

9. And perhaps my favorite…

“What isn’t he looking at?”

We love you, Gremlin Dog!

The amazing featured image for this gremlin post is from X.

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