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Curiosity Is King… But Did My Kid Really Just Ask Me That?!

Kids ask a lot of silly questions.

I have often said that kids don’t come with an instruction manual. One of the things that strikes me as hilarious is the silly questions kids ask. As a parent, how do you answer when your kid pops out with, “Why is pee yellow?” You’re standing in the middle of the grocery store, and there are several grandmotherly old ladies on the aisle. Oh, and these questions are never asked using an inside voice!

1. Am I Pregnant?

A Reddit post with a 5yo boy wondering if he's pregnant because his belly hurts.
Screen capture from Reddit.

We’re not sure what, aside from the tummy ache, prompted this five-year-old boy to think he was pregnant. Formatting answers to a question like this does not have to launch you into a discussion of the birds and bees just yet. Maybe tell him that he can’t get pregnant and stop there.

2. Why Am I Right-Handed?

Silly Questions Kids Ask include, "Why am I right-handed?"
Image from Pexels.

This question can flummox even the best parents. While there are good, scientific answers, how do you word it for your four-year-old? It’s near impossible and typically receives the “that’s just the way it is” response from frustrated parents.

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