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Uncanny: Cat Perfectly “Calls” Dog Inside With Surprising Accuracy!

two cats and a dog at the door

Siblings, even four-legged ones, can be quite a nag. This talking cat is putting out serious “older sibling” energy as he calls his dog sibling into the house with an incredible level of articulation!

The video starts with a few unassuming yips that sound like, “Helllooooooo?”

However, when the dog won’t come, this talking cat had to up his precision.

At the end of the clip, you can hear as this cat calls the dog in with an inquisitive, “Dog? Dog?”

It’s hilariously accurate sounding, and seriously impressive.

Some fans of the post took to the comment section to show their obsession with this talking cat.

cat peering out door
This image is from YouTube.

“Accurate for a cat not to address a dog as its name but just as ‘dog.’ it just feels right,” said a commenter, noting how very catlike his greeting was.

“This cat can straight up talk!” commented another fan. Another viewer even pointed out that this is extra impressive because speaking English means the cat is actually bilingual!

What do you think — can this kitty actually talk?

The featured image for this post is from YouTube.

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