Pelican Tries To Eat Baby Capybara And Fails Hilariously.

A pelican tries to eat a small capybara.

A pelican literally tried to bite off more than they could chew before realizing they couldn’t actually eat a baby capybara! In a hilarious YouTube video, the bird confidently wraps their beak around the unsuspecting animal, ready to bite down. However, it turns out that a capybara is the wrong size for grab-and-go! Eventually, the pelican had to admit defeat, especially when a nearby adult gave the bird a menacing glare. Meanwhile, the baby capybara hardly even noticed!

“I love how capybaras are so chill they don’t even freak out when a bird tries to swallow them whole,” one commenter joked.

“I love how the bigger capybara just looks at the pelican like it’s not the first time,” another user added. “‘Joe, dude… We’ve been through this before, just stop man!”‘

We’re not sure if this particular pelican has nibbled on these capybaras before, but we do know that similar situations have come up before. Some animals just have a penchant for getting into trouble! A different video shows a pelican attempting to “eat” an even larger capybara in the water before figuring out that the animal couldn’t fit in their mouth. Instead of getting scared, the furry creature looked more annoyed at the large waterfowl interrupting bathtime!

Watch the video below to see pelicans learn they can’t eat capybaras.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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