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Cat Has Extremely Human Facial Expression When Ultrasounds Shows She’s Pregnant.

All mothers remember the moment they found out they were pregnant.

Whether they were all alone in their own bathroom, starring at a positive home pregnancy test, or if they got the good news from their doctor, all moms have a moment or two when their face registers the shock of their condition. As it turns out, mama cats have the same surprised look when faced with impending motherhood – who knew?

ulla rescue cat

Meet Ulla. The Dyrenes Venner animal shelter in Nuuk, Greenland, recently took in the tiny 1-year-old tabby cat. This was sadly the second time Ulla had entered the shelter’s door; she’d already been adopted out as a kitten just months before. Yet here she was again, with no owner in sight. Although they shared her photo on Facebook, no one stepped forward to claim the little cat.

ulla cat

After a month at the shelter, board member Tone Frank says they noticed Ulla getting a little bit plump. They took Ulla in for an ultrasound to confirm their suspicions.


Ulla was expecting!

“I took her to get scanned at the vet, which she wasn’t too happy about,” Tone said. Sure enough, four to six tiny kittens were displayed clearly on the ultrasound monitor.

ulla expecting

The look on Ulla’s face seems to mirror that fleeting moment all moms feel! She simply can’t believe she’s going to be a mom!


Ulla’s shocked facial expression was so relatable, shelter staffers uploaded the image to Reddit, along with the caption, “When you find out you’re pregnant.” The post quickly went viral because it’s just too funny!


“It was pretty amazing. I’ve never seen a cat get an ultrasound. We saw little kittens in her tummy,” Tone said happily.

The vet thinks Ulla will give birth in just a few weeks, and then all of the kittens will be spayed or neutered and adopted out to loving homes.


As for mama cat? She’ll also be spayed, and the shelter has already found her a new forever home! She’s already living with her new family now and will give birth there.

Congratulations, Ulla! We’re sure you’ll be a great mama… once the shock wears off!

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