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Uber Driver Surprises Delighted Patrons With Labrador Pup

An Uber customer getting into a car with a dog in the passenger seat.

Is there any experience that couldn’t be made better by adding an adorable Labrador pup? This Uber driver and his passengers don’t seem to think so! He captured the sweetest video of a customer’s reaction to finding the pooch in the front seat. This woman was so delighted to have the dog joining her for the Uber ride!

“This is my copilot,” the driver joked. “This is Bowie. He’s very friendly.”

Immediately, the woman reached out to pet the Labrador retriever pup. He seemed very happy with the affectionate head scratches!

“He’s handsome!” she exclaimed. “I like him.”

During the trip, the Uber driver explained that he often brought his dog along on rides. Not only did his customers usually love meeting the Labrador pup, but Bowie also seemed to appreciate the arrangement.

“He enjoys the attention, you know,” said the driver. “He gets pets from everybody.”

Pretty much everyone loves Bowie the Labrador pup.

Kevin Ferman, Bowie’s owner, has a YouTube account dedicated to driving for Uber with his Labrador retriever pup by his side. Almost all of Kevin’s passengers light up as soon as they meet the cute dog!

An Uber customer getting into a car with a dog in the passenger seat.
Screengrab from TikTok

As for viewers, they’re pretty jealous of the customers who have gotten to ride with Bowie. Some of Kevin’s clips have gone viral online, and social media commenters really want a turn in this driver’s car!

“Why can’t I ever get a puppy Uber?” wrote one person, wistfully.

“I wish I could request a puppy Uber ride,” said another.

A third added, “I would pay an upcharge for a dog Uber.”

Maybe the rideshare company should consider offering rides with dogs as an option in the future! In the meantime, Kevin’s passengers get to be pleasantly surprised by the sweet Labrador retriever pup in the front seat.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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