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Adorable 63-Year-Old Driver Turns Every Ride Share Into A Party With Car Karaoke

A woman singing karaoke into a microphone in her car.

Life’s too short for boring car rides, according to this 63-year-old rideshare driver — that’s why she likes to offer her passengers karaoke! Linda Swann Fox is going viral online with her videos of customers singing along to their favorite songs in her backseat. In order to maximize their experience, this Uber driver even provides a tablet with lyrics they can follow. Her passengers have never had a better time getting from one place to another!

Of course, it’s not the car karaoke alone that makes Linda such a pleasure to ride with. Her friendly, quirky personality is also a big draw. This rideshare driver just loves putting a smile on her customers’ faces, whether that’s by singing along with them or by delivering one of her hilarious sayings.

“Like when people get in my car, they’ll say ‘How you doing?’ And I say, ‘Well, honey, I’m finer than frog hairs split three ways and sanded down,'” Linda joked to Good Morning America.

A woman singing karaoke into a microphone in her car.
Screengrab from TikTok

While some rideshare drivers like to maintain control over the music in their vehicle, this woman wants her passengers to love what they’re listening to. Sometimes, this means that Linda has to sit through songs that aren’t her taste. However, as long as everyone is having fun during car karaoke, she doesn’t mind!

“Different strokes for different folks, you know?” she said.

Spending time in a car with a stranger can be pretty awkward, but this rideshare driver has found a fun way to connect with her passengers. We hope her that car karaoke catches on!

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