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Caught On Camera: Man Saves Wild Raccoon From Choking

A raccoon outdoors at night in the light of a flashlight.

Nothing brings a cookout to a pause like a wild raccoon choking on a piece of cheese! Michigan resident John P. has been telling the story of how his buddy managed to rescue the animal during guys’ night. He even captured the harrowing moment on camera! As he explained to The Dodo, his friend group was minding their own business when an unvisited guest decided to join the party.

“We were sitting around a campfire late into the night, drinking some beer, when a raccoon showed up and scared us at first,” he recalled. “We’ve never seen a raccoon before, and we’re over there every Friday night.”

Realizing that the humans meant no harm, the critter started foraging for snacks while the men continued to enjoy the campfire. Unfortunately, the raccoon found a large piece of cheese, which they proceeded to start choking on! Thankfully, John and his friends noticed the animal “acting weird.”

“He started opening his mouth and making choking sounds,” he said.

Bill to the rescue!

That’s when John’s friend, Bill, jumped into action. He immediately started hitting the raccoon on the back to dislodge the piece of food they were choking on. Finally, the creature managed to hack up the morsel. John shared an incredible clip of the rescue on Instagram.

“Random raccoon showed up to the campfire last night and started choking, and my buddy Bill saved its life!!” he wrote in his caption. “Pretty crazy, I wish I had the 30 seconds or so before this when it was standing on it’s hind legs and swaying back and forth really struggling. It was wild!”

A raccoon outdoors at night in the light of a flashlight.
Screengrab from Instagram

He added, “It hung out with us all night after that. Pretty cool!”

It’s a good thing that Bill had the presence of mind to save that poor racoon from choking. This is one guys’ night these friends will probably never forget!

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