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This Adorably Quirky Toddler Is Saying What We’re All Thinking

toddler Taco Bell

We’ll be the first to admit it—we’re all craving some Taco Bell, and we need someone like this toddler to push us in the right direction.

A hilarious TikTok video is making millions laugh because it shows a cute red-headed kid asking what the voices in our heads are constantly asking, “Do you want Taco Bell?”

In the clip, the kid runs into the kitchen to persuade his mother to get some of the fast food. He runs in sideways, slides to a stop, gives her the most excitedly inquisitive look, and poses the question like the cutest enabler.

He whispers the question as though it’s sinful to even ask. When his mom asks him to repeat himself, he whispers a little louder.

“Are you gonna go get it,” his mother responds.

“Yep,” he says, very seriously.

People Can Relate To This Toddler’s Late-Night Craving

While the video cuts off before we know the end of the story, we assume the toddler‘s mom couldn’t turn down his Taco Bell after his absolutely perfect delivery.

The video has become a viral hit since the kid’s mom posted it on her TikTok account called that_blonde_grille. After more than 82 million views, people are calling it “the best Taco Bell commerical ever,” and others are saying they can relate.

“How my wife asks me for taco bell now 😂 she will send this to me when she is craving,” someone joked in the comments.

“Me to my husband after the kids go to bed😂😂,” another commenter lauhed.

Someone else in the comments suggested that the toddler’s dad put him up to asked for Taco Bell, and the mom admitted that they were spot on.

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