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Life Hack: Chef Demonstrates How To Easily Open Avocados With Only Your Hands!

woman holding avocado

Ok, everybody. Prepare to have your mind blown. This chef just gave us a crazy hack by showing us how to open an avocado with just your hands!

She nestled the avocado between her hands and demonstrated how, with a few specific thumb movements, we could all open the avocado without tools.

woman with avocado in her hands
This image is from TikTok.

The audience at her class was clearly amazed, and since the video was posted, over a million folks have also viewed this culinary secret!

“A decade in the food industry and I know nothing,” commented one viewer, totally humbled by the tip.

“This singlehandedly changed my life forever,” said another.

Anita is an incredible chef with years of experience. Thanks, Anita, for putting this avocado hack out there for all of us! Who knew you could open an avocado with just your hands?

“My dad is from Guatemala and this is in fact how he opens avocados,” said a fan of the Mayan chef. Ok… apparently some cultures knew!

Whether you love guacamole or good ‘ole avocado toast, this trick is sure to speed up your cooking. You can resist all sorts of avocado-opening gadgets and gizmos this holiday season now that you know this trick. Check out the instructions below!


Mayan cooking class in Guatemala how to open avocado w your hands in lake atitlan w @MayanKitchenCookingClass

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The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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