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Toddler Can’t Say “Ice Cream” To Save Her Life & It’s Too Hilarious

An adorable toddler smiling into the camera.

In one of the funniest parenting moments ever, a dad tried to teach his toddler to say “ice cream.” Although her pronunciation sounded absolutely nothing like the name of this frozen treat, the little girl said it with total confidence. Every time Dad asked her to recite the phrase, she repeated it the exact same way. He couldn’t help but chuckle at her garbled nonsense!

Dad filmed the hilarious pronunciation lesson and shared it on social media, where users have been gushing over the cute little girl! At first, this father started out by asking his toddler to repeat phrases like “I love ice cream” after him. He had her recite each word individually instead of saying them all at once. Even though the rest of the sentence posed no problem to the little girl, “ice cream” really seemed to throw her!

Eventually, Dad zeroed in on the troublesome part by itself. He had the toddler repeat the words “ice” and “cream” separately, which she accomplished without a hitch. However, when she had to put these two words together, she came out with something completely different. It was the same mispronunciation each time, though, so at least it was consistent!

We couldn’t begin to guess how this new word would be spelled. It had Dad cracking up every time! This toddler probably didn’t quite understand why her father was laughing so hard whenever she said her version of “ice cream.” However, she did grin pretty wide when she saw him chuckling!

An adorable toddler smiling into the camera.
Screengrab from Facebook

A few commenters thought that the toddler might be getting confused and trying to say “ice cream cone,” which would account for the extra syllable she was adding. Others suggested that she might just be pronouncing it wrong on purpose to make her dad laugh. However, everyone agreed that the clip of the little girl was incredibly adorable!

“She is absolutely precious and beautiful!!” wrote one user. “I could watch this a hundred times!!”

Another added, “Toddlers say the cutest things when they are learning to talk. Sometimes it is not repeatable — but always cute!”

We’re sure this toddler will learn how to say “ice cream” eventually. In the meantime, her version is pretty great!

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