Little Girl Throws Down With Stranger In Adorable Dance Battle.

An epic dance battle between a small girl and a grown man.

We’ve seen dance battles before. Several Marines kicked it out on the dancefloor at the annual Marine Corps Ball. In another showdown, dancer Jayden Anthony Marquez went up against Officer PJ of the Denver Police. We’ve even seen dance battles between a parrot and a macaw! You might think you’ve seen the best of the best in the dance battle world, but you would be mistaken.


A tiny tot wearing her hair like the adorable character “Boo” in “Monsters, Inc.” stars in this epic dance battle with a 20-something gentleman. The clip takes place in what appears to be a restaurant seating area. The young man and the little girl are in booths next to one another. The music is playing in the background, and both are swaying along. Then, the young man notices the bouncy child in the booth behind him.

A young man notices a small child dancing and a dance battle begins.
Image from X (Twitter).

The two take turns busting out their moves, pointing when it is their turn to match or quit. The dance battle went through several exchanges. After a short time, there was a clear leader.

Taking turns throughout the competition, the clear winner is the tiniest participant, who out-classes her opponent in a big way!
Image from X (Twitter).

Both participants wear ear-to-ear grins through round after round of intense competition. The battle goes back and forth. When the little girl’s dad realizes what is happening, he gets up to record the epic moment. The dance battle was heating up as the contestants got serious.

The dance battle continues, with the man trying (unsuccessfully) to match the awesome moves of the tiny girl dancing.
Image from X (Twitter).

After all was said and done, there was only one clear winner. This little girl out-danced her opponent in a big way!

There was a clear winner, and it was not the guy!

Image from X (Twitter).

Smiles can be found in the most unlikely places. This epic dance battle had the entire room smiling. You can watch the entire contest below. Please share the fun!

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