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Toddler Shoes With Built-In Squeakers Leave Parents in Stitches in Adorable Video

toddler shoes

When a mom unwittingly bought her newly walking toddler some shoes with built-in squeakers, it turned out to be the best surprise ever.

People shared a viral video on behalf of Kendall Sloan that might be one of the most wholesome and happy things we’ve seen today. In it, a little girl named Sawyer tries on a new pair of shoes. And when she takes her first step, she’s delighted to find out they sound like squeaky toys.

Sawyer isn’t the only one pleasantly caught off-guard by the sounds, either. Her mom, who captures the video, laughs hysterically as her toddler dashes around the room, giggles at the squeaks, and works hard to make the shoes as loud as possible. Someone asks where the shoes came from and Kendall says Amazon before admitting she didn’t realize they came with the musical feature.

The pure joy that comes from the entire family is making thousands of people smile.

“At least you’ll know where the baby is,” someone laughed. “The squeaks will tell 😂😂😂😂”

“I loved the squeaky shoes I had for my daughter ❤️,” recalled a commenter.

“So cute!” wrote a happy watcher. “Loved when my babies wore their sneaky shoes!”

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