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Tiny Taekwondo Fighter Gets Amped Up During Match With Hilarious Bunny Hops


Everybody was Kung Fu fighting… Or maybe not. Watching these very young contenders, you might even think they were practicing Hapkido (HOP-kido). This was a taekwondo match, and the sparring opponents seemed to be doing their best but also seemed confused about the event’s purpose.


Future champs?🥹 (via instagram/taekwondo_insta_daily) #sports #taekwondo #fight #kidsoftiktok #funny

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We don’t know where this video originated, but we found one of the original posters at taekwondo_insta-daily on Instagram. It appears to be a tournament arena, but these two little fighters are front and center and adorable in their awkwardness.

Pint-sized fighters square up in a taekwondo match.
Image from Instagram.

Sparring in martial arts helps students gain strategy experience, learn adaptability, and be resilient. It allows students to put their training to use in a practical, protected setting. The white belt is the lowest color, so these two students are beginners. The one using the bunny hop approach must think it is a secret weapon. While the larger of the two seems almost bored, the tiny tyke is raring and ready to bring it all.

The opponents exchanged glancing kicks and blows during the taekwondo match (between the bunny hops). Points are scored for making legal contact when sparring. Watching these little tots, it is difficult to see how the judges determine scoring.

Two tiny fighters sparring in a Taekwondo match.
Image from Instagram.

The padding and equipment worn during a sparring match are lightweight but add bulk. That makes it very difficult for the kids to move, much less look graceful like their adult counterparts. If you want to see more sparring and training in all age groups, there are plenty of videos on the taekwondo_insta_daily Instagram page. This little dynamo and many more like her are practicing their moves. Kudos to the instructors for taking the time to hone the talents of students of all ages.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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