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Tiny Taekwondo Student Imitates Teacher A Little Too Well In Hilarious Viral Video.

Kids have a tendency to take things too literally, and sometimes that’s the perfect recipe for a good laugh.

In a clip that’s sure to put a smile on your face, a little girl is in the middle of her taekwondo class, ready, willing, and able to take her skill to the next level. Her instructor is there to guide her through breaking a thin board with her foot. The only problem: This child doesn’t quite understand what she’s supposed to do.


Her instructor patiently leads the way. She places a board on supports, stomps on it solidly with the flat of one foot, and gives a loud yell as she succeeds in snapping it in two.

Somewhere along the way, these instructions get lost in translation. The child lifts up her foot and imitates the motion without actually bringing her foot down onto the board.

You can hear the child’s dad laughing as he records the scene. Not only is she adorable (she is wearing a cape, after all), but she’s also clearly very determined! She gives a solid shout after every kick, no matter how little she achieves.


The instructors try repeatedly to get the child to land her kick, but no matter how many times or ways they show her, she just doesn’t get it. Still, she looks and sounds so cute while she’s trying that we can’t help but laugh!

Finally her teachers resort to helping her get the job done. You’ll have to see for yourself which of the girl’s body parts actually ends up breaking the board. Spoiler alert: it’s not her foot!


People can’t seem to get enough of this tiny taekwondo student and her “monkey see, monkey do” routine! You’ve got to hand it to her though, she never gives up.

Watch the video above to see what everybody’s laughing about, and don’t forget to share.

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