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Three Opera Singers Crash Piano Player’s Performance And Stun Entire Restaurant.

Three opera singers stand side by side, singing "Bella Ciao."

I absolutely adore when talented musicians join together to create music in some of the most unexpected places. It’s no wonder, then, that I’ve enjoyed quite a few of Julien Cohen’s videos on social media. In these videos, his “impromptu” performances capture the attention of anyone close by — his latest video involves opera singers performing Bella Ciao in an Italian restaurant.

At the start of the video, Julien takes a seat at a piano. Soon after he starts to play “Bella Ciao,” a man, who seems to have been cooking pizza in the kitchen, begins to sing along — and he sounds incredible!

A man working at an Italian restaurant in the kitchen looks up as he sings.

Opera Singers Perform Bella Ciao in an Italian Restaurant

Folks eating their food take notice, clearly impressed by this unexpected performance. Their amazement only grows when a women from one of the tables stands to join him. Soon after, so does her friend.

Together, the three of them harmonize beautifully, capturing the attention of everyone in the restaurant. Even those who already have their food can’t help but put their focus on the opera singers.

While the video is presented in a way that makes it seem as though Julien doesn’t know any of the opera singers, as many folks in the comments have pointed out, one of the women has definitely been in several of his videos at this point. Still, the beautiful music and the reactions from strangers keeps people coming back for more.

Three opera singers stand side by side, singing "Bella Ciao."

“I don’t care if this is set up,” one commenter wrote. “It’s beautiful to see how music brings people together and draws their attention.”

“The music might have been planned, but the audience’s reactions are genuine,” another person wrote. “And look how happy they are!!”

Watch these talented opera singers deliver a stunning performance of Bella Ciao in the video below.


Three amazing opera singers join me when I play Bella Ciao in Jill’s pizzeria in Hamburg !

♬ son original – Julien Cohen

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