“This Is What You Deserve,” Woman Shares Cautionary Tale To Choose Your Partner Wisely.

what you deserve

Choosing a lifelong partner is a decision that doesn’t always come easily. Some people love another so much that they miss their red flags, which means they ultimately settle for the relationship instead of dealing with the harsh realities. One mother learned that hard lesson when she and her son needed her partner, and he showed his true colors. Now she’s sharing her story as a cautionary tale about choosing wisely before you promise your life to your partner—and she’s sending a reminder that you can walk away if you end up with someone who doesn’t respect you.


1. It started with a phone call…

woman describes previous relationship

The original poster, who calls herself “Kels” on TikTok, shared that she injured herself while home alone with her son. Because she was in so much pain, her son thought to call her partner and tell him there was an emergency, and he needed to come home.

2. He showed his true colors

woman describes a previous relationship that was abusive

Her partner did come home, but he was livid that he had to change his plans to do so. He didn’t even show concern for her well-being.

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