15-Yr-Old Girl’s Church Camp Friends Travel Three Hours To Surprise Her For Birthday Party.

A girl bursts into happy tears when her friends from camp surprise her.

When you make friends at camp, they’re for life! At least, that’s been the case for one teenage girl with Williams syndrome. 15-year-old Kiley was celebrating her birthday with her family when a group of girls she’d met at a church camp the previous summer surprised her with a spontaneous visit! None of them lived nearby, but they all made the trip just to see the birthday girl. Kiley was moved to tears by the sweet gesture from her camp friends!


“My sister Kiley has Williams Syndrome & sometimes has trouble making friends her age,” the teen’s sister posted on X. “She met the most amazing girls @ church camp last summer, problem is they live 3 hours away. They call her everyday & make her feel so loved. Today they surprised her for her 15th birthday.”

A girl bursts into happy tears when her friends from camp surprise her.
Screengrab from @ashleyy_crisp/X

Kiley’s sister also included a video of the thoughtful girls surprising their friend from camp with birthday presents and warm hugs. It’s so beautiful to see how much these kids clearly care about one another!

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Watch the video below to see how Kiley’s camp friends made her birthday unforgettable.

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