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This Furry Lil’ Creature Needs A Snack While She Exercises, And Honestly… Same.

ferret mink

Is that a ferret… or a mink? Whatever she is, she eats entire meals while getting her cardio on, so she’s our spirit animal.

Animal rescuer Mikayla Raines recently posted a video of a furry little creature on social media. The animal in question is running on a cat wheel (essentially a giant hamster wheel), and they’re holding a raw chicken leg in their mouth.

While the fitness-savvy lady looks like a ferret, she’s actually a mink! Unlike ferrets, mink aren’t allowed to be kept as a pet and are not a domesticated species.

People assume that minks aren’t much different from ferrets, but that’s surprisingly far from the case! Ferrets are fully domesticated through years of selective breeding, and have become a common pet these days! The two animals both belong to the Mustelidae family, which also includes weasels, otters, and badgers. However, minks have personalities that are less like ferrets and more like badgers. And according to PetHelpful, their bites could land you in the hospital.

There are “domesticated” minks, but those are sadly bred for fur farms rather than companionship. They’re unpredictable and can bite and wreak havoc on furniture. Interestingly, one of the only ways minks are tolerable in a home is if they’re constantly stimulated with toys and exercise. So this little lady’s multitasking makes a lot of sense.

In conclusion, we suggest getting a ferret and leaving minks to trained professionals. But they are awfully cute, so you can get your fix from the video below.


She’s not a #ferret she’s a #mink ! Happy Monday everyone 😊 🦦

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