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Funeral Takes A Silly Turn When The Deceased Man’s Son Ends Up In The Grave.

A Curious pup fell into an open grave, requiring a rescue by the son of the deceased man.

Funerals are somber affairs. Families gather to console one another after losing a loved one. Graveside ceremonies outside are usually pet-friendly. Providing the pet is a friendly sort. But, alas, sometimes even the best of pets can create mischief and mayhem in their effort to be included. That is precisely what happened when this little fellow attended an uncle’s funeral with his mom. Nobody expected the curious pup to end up in the grave!

A curious pup fell into a grave with the casket suspended overhead.
Image from TikTok.

The curious pup got too close to the open grave and fell in. The little fellow was quite vocal about wanting out. Other funeral guests discussed how to get him out when they arrived at a solution. The deceased man’s son would climb into the grave and hand the little pup to his cousin. They got attendants to shift the casket slightly to make room at the foot of the grave. The young man deftly dropped into the grave.

A young man climbs into a grave to rescue a pup that had fallen in.
Image from TikTok.

And the curious pup was quickly rescued from the grave. The young man handed the happy critter into the waiting hands of its owner. But that wasn’t the best part of the clip.

Young man in grave hands a pup up to waiting hands.
Image from TikTok.

We’re all happy that the young man was able and willing to rescue this curious pup from the grave. As he handed the pup to its owner, a female voice quipped, “Ohhh… never knew you’d go in there before your dad…”

Even though funerals are sad, this clip had us laughing. The curious pup falling into the grave was silly, but that parting quip? Priceless! This family seems like they are comfortable enough with one another to joke around during a sad event. Please share with someone who needs a smile today.


OP saying “never knew you’d go in there before your dad” at the end has me 😭. H/t u/paulie07 via r/funny #petsoftiktok #dogsofttiktok #dogsitting #mischeviousdog #sillydog #reddit #darkhumor

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