These Signs Had One Job… And Hilariously Failed

Images show funny and confusing sign fails.

When signs are posted, they typically aim to be helpful or offer directions. Occasionally, a poorly worded or designed sign becomes a hilarious example of what NOT to display. We are exploring these sign fails today. Fair warning: If you are consuming a beverage, please do not try to drink it while reading. These funny fails may result in the occasional “spit take.”

1. This Could Have A Double Meaning

Images hows a funny and confusing sign that says "Don't touch yourself ask the staff."
Image from Reddit.

Is the staff going to touch me? Or does this only relate to the product? It’s confusing and makes me hesitant to shop there.

2. I Don’t Think That Sign Says What You Think It Says

A confusing sign asking people to use the correct side of the stairwell, but they have the directions a little backward.
Image from Reddit.

Are we going down the stairs backward? That might make sense, but it could also be an insurance nightmare.

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