15 Signs Confuse And Amuse All Who Lay Eyes On Them

A two-photo collage. The first shows s pair of dirty shoes sits outside. In one of them sits a frog who looks happy with their mouth wide open. A sign above them reads "Caution! These shoes are the summer home of Jabba the Toad. Please do not disturb! Thank you!" The second photo shows a plaque on a building that reads "On this site Sept. 5, 1782 nothing happened."

There’s no limit to the way that us humans can be creative. We’re able to take something as basic as a sign and turn it into a point of conversation. Because why would you bother making a simple, straightforward sign when you can create one that makes folks laugh? Signs that fall in to the latter category are so common, in fact, that there’s a whole Facebook group dedicated to sharing the best ones.


With over 6,000 members in the “Rare and Unusual and Funny Signs” group, there’s no shortage of signs that will make you laugh – and question what on earth led to the signs being made to begin with. Below are 15 of our favorites!

1. You know, we hear that the pool might be closed.

2. Is there any other way to walk down stairs?

3. We’re going to need to see the adorable – we mean, terrifying, proof.

4. No ifs, ands, or buts!

5. You don’t have to tell us twice!

6. The true inspiration for “Out of the Woods” by Taylor Swift.

7. We don’t know the full story here, but it’s nice to know it ended happily!

8. Sounds like life-changing advice, honestly.

9. We have so many questions.

10. The importance of hygiene – that’s the message Shakespeare was trying to get across in this classic scene from “Macbeth,” right?

11. Why wait for others to celebrate you when you can celebrate yourself?

12. Tell us how you really feel.

13. “Hopefully no one reads this straight across from left to right like I did… “

14. And what a peaceful day it must have been.

15. Jabba the Toad looks cozy in his summer home.

These unusual signs have the ability to both delight and confuse those who see them. In any case, there’s no denying the fact that they sure are memorable!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here!

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