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Hilarious Autocorrect Fails That Make You Wonder Why It Even Exists

Left image shows a pair of flamingos wading in water. Right image shows a text thread with an autocorrect fail about flamingos.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “autocorrect” as “a computer feature that attempts to correct the spelling of a word as the user types.” Although autocorrect can sometimes be a helpful feature, it can also cause misunderstandings, unintended risqué responses, and sometimes outright hilarity. When autocorrect fails, it tends to really fail. We found some of the funniest fails ever for you, so prepare for gut-cramping laughter.

1. When The Description Fits A Bit Too Well

Image shows a tweet that includes an autocorrect fail that switched "daughter" to "disaster."
Image from X (Twitter).

Perhaps every parent has had a bit of paranoia about digital tracking at times. But this combination of an autocorrect fail, possibly baring our innermost secret thoughts, is very eerie.

2. Everyone Likes Flamingos

Image shows a Facebook post with a funny fail, correcting "Flooding" to "Flamingos."
Image from Facebook.

Flooding to flamingos is a hard one to figure out. But when it rains cats and dogs, I guess flamingos aren’t too much of a stretch.

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