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These Dancers Are So In Sync You Won’t Believe Their Routine Is Completely Improvised!

A woman and man perform an improvised dance as people sit in chairs behind them, shocked.

Every year, the Rose City Swing offers a variety of dance events in Oregon. Both rookies and professionals alike are invited to join in on the fun. The event included improvised dance opportunities that are a blast, but one performance from 2017 still stands out to this day. It all starts when PJ Turner and Tashina Beckmann-King pair up.

Both PJ and Tashina are experts at swing dancing. In fact, they’re quite popular, especially on the west coast. Still, nothing could have prepared folks for their smooth moves during Meghan Trainor’s Me Too. Together, they deliver a dance routine so impressive, it’s hard to believe it’s improvised!

From the start, PJ and Tashina are on the same page when it comes to the energy needed to nail this song. Then, as if rehearsed, the two of them move in sync, sending every person watching into fits of excitement. You know you’re doing something right when fellow dancers cheer this much!

By the end of their performance, the energy in the room is electric! Everyone starts to celebrate, making sure that both PJ and Tashina recognize just how incredible they were. It’s safe to say they do, in part because people still rave about the performance to this day!

PJ Turner and Tashina Beckmann each hold one hand in the air as they put on an improvised dance.

Improvised Dance by PJ Turner and Tashina Beckmann-King Continues to Blow Everyone Away

“It’s still insane to me that this was posted six years ago, and it’s still popping up every now and again!” one person comments on the original video that showcases both of their dances. “Totally worth my [time] tho!!!!!”

“I love these two together!” another person writes. “Watched this video multiple times, he is hilarious and they just mesh with one another.”

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