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Nail-Biting: Watch Handcuffed Escape Artist Free Himself From Water Tank In Record Time

Escape artist Andrew Basso hangs upside down in a water tank, feet and hands restricted.

The only thing that might be more impressive than beating a Guinness World Record is creating a new category all by yourself. That’s exactly what professional escape artist Andrew Basso did! Over the years, he’s become known for his death-defying acts, many of which are inspired by Harry Houdini. In fact, he’s the exact inspiration for the act that earned Andrew this new honor.

This dangerous act has Andrew lowered into a water tank… upside down. His hands and feet are restrained. His goal, then, is to free himself and escape, all while holding his breath, of course. Needless to say, watching Andrew pull off this trick will have you on the edge of your seat (oh, and don’t try this at home, of course!)

Escape Artist’s New Guinness World Record Will Leave You Breathless

From the moment that Andrew is lowered into the water, the audience can’t keep their eyes off of him. In fact, many folks in the comment section of this video say they found themselves trying to hold their breath along with the escape artist!

Every second that Andrew spends under water feels like an eternity but, by the time he frees himself, it’s only been two minutes and 11 seconds! Now that is one tough record to beat! It’s safe to say that Houdini himself would be both impressed and proud.

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