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The Niagara SPCA Makes Hysterical Plea While Trying To Rehome “Potty-Mouthed” Parrot 

foul mouth parrot

Niagara SPCA workers are asking bird lovers to consider adopting a “fouth-mouthed” parrot that recently came under their care. He only swears “a little”—they promise…

The shelter shared a post about its new resident on Facebook earlier this month hoping someone would be willing to take in the “spicy” bird, who is appropriately named Pepper. The white-fronted Amazon parrot came through the doors “as a surrender.” And workers soon learned that he swears like a sailor. But they knew he deserved love, nonetheless.

In its plea to find Pepper a home, the SPCA admitted that there are pros and cons to owning a “potty-mouthed parrot.” On one hand, he could “offend grandma’s Tuesday night knitting group.” But, “unannounced company” would think twice about stopping by after they get “cussed out” by “your new foul-mouthed feathered friend.”

“If you think Pepper’s feathers are colorful, you should hear his language,” the post reads. “Forget ‘does Polly wanna cracker?’ Does Pepper wanna kick your a$$ is the real question.”

The “Foul-Mouthed” Parrot Will Soon Move To His Forever Home

The shelter hopes Pepper will find himself in a humor-loving home that will embrace his impolite ways. And it looks like that will happen.

The parrot officially went up for adoption last week. As of Friday, more than 400 people had put in adoption applications. The shelter narrowed that list to ten and will make an official decision after reaching out to the prospects.

“We looked for adopters who offered parrot experience, information on housing/enclosures, and recognition that they would be able to age with Pepper or had plans for Pepper if he outlived them,” reads a follow-up post.

The Niagara SPCA also gave a shoutout to those who replied to its post with the same level of comedy.

“While we offer up humor as a way to broaden the pool of adopters, it doesn’t mean placement is not taken seriously,” the follow-up continued. “But hats off to those who responded in kind. We see you Wild Bill who owns a saloon in San Antonio, and the ex-Navy Sailor whose language is a match for Pepper’s.”

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