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Sanctuary Shows Adorably Tiny Owl A Series Of Things He’s Never Seen Before

Left image shows a front facing screech owl with the words "Showing our screech owl things he's never seen." Right image shows a screech owl being shown a men's bathroom and turning his head to avoid looking.

In a brilliant parody video, the staff at Busch Wildlife Sanctuary shows their baby screech owl, Juno, things he’s never seen before. While the tiny owl’s reactions aren’t as animated as those of the child in the original viral video, they are still hilarious. The viral video was a mom showing her infant mundane things around the house. The sanctuary staff matched that, although their mundane things slightly differ from what we have in a typical home.

Juno seemed almost impressed with the freezer. The little owl took time to examine the contents of the door and what was hiding in the main compartment. It’s difficult to read the emotions of the little guy, but he might be hungry.

Images show a tiny screech owl looking to a freezer it is seeing for the first time.
Image from TikTok.

Resting on the handler’s index finger, the tiny, football-sized owl is curious. He shows more interest in the camera operator than in the items he sees for the first time. He has no concept of money, as he barely glances at the open cash register drawer. The poor baby watches the water fountain longingly. We aren’t sure what horror stories the little guy has heard about the men’s bathroom. He almost gives himself whiplash, spinning his head around to avoid looking!

Left image shows a screech owl seeing a drinking fountain. Right image shows a screech owl trying to avoid looking into the Men's bathroom.
Image from TikTok.

The last item on the viewing agenda was the recycling bin. This did not impress the little owl. If you watched the original viral video, the baby was much more expressive than the tiny screech owl.

The Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is home to various indigenous Florida wildlife. The Jupiter, Florida, nonprofit provides care and rehabilitation for injured and sick animals. The group works to return animals to their natural habitat. It also provides educational programs for small or large groups.

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