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Parrot Requests Her Favorite Song So She Can Sing & Dance Along

Parrot Dance

A parrot named Auggie has a favorite song that she created a dance for, and she requests it on the regular.

Auggie lives with the owner of The Green Bird Brigade, a parrot rescue that also offers education to bird parents. She and the more than seven feathered residents are the stars of the rescue’s social media pages.

Auggie has become particularly famous recently because of her love for a song called Bacon Pancakes, which is originally from the series Adventure Time. The song is simple and catchy, and we warn you, it will get stuck in your head. But it’s a good song to hear on repeat.

The parrot agrees that it’s a great song, so she constantly asks her owner to sing it. Auggie sings along and does a little jig while they share their duet. One video of a Bacon Pancakes performance has gone viral with 31 million views, and at least 100 of those views came from us. We can’t stop watching—it’s adorable.

Parrot Dances With “Happy Feet”

In the clip, the four-year-old bird stands on her owner’s shoulders and puffs her blue and white before asking, “Bacon Pancakes?” Her owner sings the words, “Bacon pancakes, makin’ bacon pancakes” while Auggie dances side to side.

Another video shows a montage of the parrot dancing to Bacon Pancakes on different days. Every time her owner starts singing it, the bird instantly starts showing her “happy feet.”

“Omg the tippy tappies!” a follower gushed under one of the videos.

“She gets so fluffy when she’s excited for the bacon pancakes song 😂🥰🥰🥰,” wrote one of Auggie’s adoring fans.

“Literally been driving down the road for 20 min singing “bacon pancakes, makin’ bacon pancakes” and I’m ok with that,” someone admitted.

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